1. WOW!!!…. This is the REAL Deal!!… This is why I do what I do, & Love
    what I do!!…. Awesome Job Jason!!… I am truly Honored to be a part of
    such Talent and a member of an Amazing “Family”…. Taking it to the next
    Level…. This is just the beginning…. Preparing for Take Off….

  2. SO proud of this video and the team at SCE. This video is what it is all
    about for us at SCE. Regardless of the crowd, age group, music selections,
    or backgrounds of the families celebrating the results are the same… It
    is about consistency, and exceeding expectations with style. See the SCE
    difference and if ya enjoy the clip please offer a comment on the youtube
    page if you have a minute.

  3. DJ friends… I have been struggling coming up with a topic for a new
    seminar. and I need your help… If you have a topic or idea that you think
    would be worthy of me presenting, I WANT TO KNOW. Please take a second and
    offer your topic idea as a comment. If I select your topic, I will not only
    give you credit in the seminar, I will give you an hour of my time
    consulting on branding, marketing, video logging, business in general or
    anything I can help ya with to grow your brand or business….

  4. Title – Evolution Music intro – Space odyssey going into modern techno beat
    A seminar on your past to see how you have grown to your present to see
    what you are now doing to keep relevant and finish with your thoughts on
    where things are heading. Adapting to changing markets, ideas, technology,
    and ultimately if you are providing a service the needs of the client.

  5. Great to pull some clips from events we actually performed at, edit them
    together, and then take a step back…..and think to yourself “Wow, some
    really special moments right there”. Proud, JSG.

  6. Suggested Topic – “How Originality and Innovation Can Supercharge Your DJ
    Career” Let’s face it, we live in an industry of “copy cats.” SCE
    catapulted itself to the top of the industry with its fresh take on wedding
    entertainment. The seminar would focus less on gear and more on the
    attitude behind carving a niche and innovating. What kind of obstacles did
    you encounter along the way and how did you overcome them? The seminar
    would encourage guests to be original and avoid being “copy cats”

  7. Gregg, Thank you for offering a solid topic for consideration. Very cool
    and very personal to me in many ways. Do you feel that this topic would
    appeal to the 101 level attendees? I love the idea and think it would be a
    great challenge which is what I am looking for. Great stuff, thank you!

  8. Jay, My feeling is that this topic would appeal to both the 101 and 301
    attendant. If anything, the newer DJs would benefit from a conceptual road
    map to success before succumbing to bad habits! If there are intermediate
    DJs whose growth has plateaued, the seminar will stimulate thought on how
    they might improve with a new way of thinking. Thanks for considering my
    topic! Gregg

  9. Jason….AMAZING! YOU SIR, are a true innovator who DOESN’T charge enough
    for the time, talent and level of dedication you provide to both the
    industry of pros you inspire and brides you serve. In regards to a seminar
    topic I think Mr. Gregg Hollman’s idea is SPOT ON. I’d run with it giving
    Gregg credit of course. Mitch Taylor

  10. Mitch, Thank you for not only checking out the video here but thanks for
    backing up Gregg suggestion. I am pretty jazzed over that proposed topic
    and seminar idea. I will give it a few more days to see if anything else
    comes in for consideration then move forward with it! Thanks! Jason

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